How much do you charge for a freight assessment, audit?

Nothing. We will assess your current freight model and recommend any remedial action, improvements, or potential cost savings. It is then your decision if you take action, based on our recommendations, with our help, or otherwise. Initial assessment is free of charge.

Will our data be kept confidential?

Yes. We will also complete a confidentiality agreement, if required.

What if I do not have time for your project right now?

Great. We will do ALL the work. The first stage of the project requires you to do nothing. Give us the data and we will go away and work confidentially on your project until you are ready for presentation, and the next potential stage.

Which carriers do you use?

All. Although we save our customers’ money, the solution is rarely the cheapest carrier – but usually the ‘best fit’ carrier is most reasonable in price.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No. Very few of our customers are held to a contract. We do, however, present a proposal of rates terms and conditions in order to protect either party. Most of our customers prefer this option that allows them the option of exiting at any time. The only thing that “ties” our customers to us is our service.

How can I be certain you will deliver, what you promise?

We will provide names of current customers you can talk to.

What gives you the right to tell me how to run my transport model?

Experience and Collaboration; staff with many, many years of experience within all areas of the freight industry as well extremely high IT credentials. Most transport solutions are tailored to the customer’s requirements with high input from customers own staff.